Thursday, January 20, 2011

Er, hello 2011

So, um, I'm not one for poetry. I don't read it. Except maybe when it's in another language, and then, that makes it a tad difficult. Well not with Latin because I can read Latin, mostly. But I'm not a fan of English-language poetry or poets. And I often feel poetry is egotistical and silly... which may have something to do with the fact that this thing I found on my computer was titled "my shitty poetry." Meaning I have no illusions about this at all. But this blog needs something and I feel like perhaps I do want to write. Write what? who knows. But starting with an edited version of a 3-year-old poem might be okay. I have to some day stop self-depreciating and try something. Even if it sucks. I'll learn to accept criticism on writing as I would a school paper. 
p.s. I like Pablo Neruda and Catullus.

I want 
to be romantic
to write poetry and inspire it
have a muse and to be a muse
to be admired and appreciated 
I want to be painted and drawn
And feel it's right, not egotistical to want these
I want you to want me!
Think I am the most beautiful, never want for another,
but see I am more than my body.
Tell me I am Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena
Tell me I am the only woman in the world,
Who draws your attention so
Tell me how I reflect these goddesses 
Artemis, pure
Aphrodite, sensual
Athena, fierce and wise.
Tell of how you would lay tribute at my feet,
were I a statue, smoothed from white marble
your sweet voice raised in song 
And deny me nothing!
Even as I am high on the pedestal, 
let me be low on the ground;
deny me not my humanity.
Let me love the earth and walk on it,
As I am born from earth and water.
Sculpted from earth and water
Clay hardened by flames 
and cooled by the zephyrs 
Let me be everything at once
All elements as one, as it is to be human
Let me be wrathful and miserable
Let me be joyous, let me cry and smile
Deny me nothing.
As I fly high, let me remember the ground I tread on;
For I am a woman,
and my nature is many-faced.
Let me be strong and let me be weak. 
Let me have the two-sided coin that is life.