Thursday, March 24, 2011


This is me, as Foxglove, about to finally beat the Baby Dragon test of the Legion of the Dragoons.
Finally, at Ragnarok XV I beat it. It took me over the course of three years to do it. Every time there would be three different people as the dragon, so I would never know what to expect. I've been part of the dragon for others too. Ematai, Tari, and Dorian are the dragon here. It's florintine as the teeth and claws, red sword as the tail, and sword+board for the heart. (Add second florintine user, javelin wielder, and replace red with a glaive for the adult dragon.) It can be a very tough test of your skills as a sword+boarder, or you can cheese it with a glaive, which pretty much no one does. The three as the dragon must move as one. If one person of the dragon gets a leg chopped off, the dragon must pivot on that person. Same if one of the three dies.
It's part of the ranking system of the Legion of the Dragoons. It made me officially a Black Legion! There are other elements to go up in rank too... But the ranks aren't as important as the brotherhood feeling. We've got each others' backs. Hell, I went to Bishop's and Rowan's weddings. Probably Nichtmar's, and Rune & Tari's too, soon. They're an excellent bunch of guys and gals. That's Dragoon camp from last Ragnarok in the background.
And this is some of the Dragoons from a couple years ago, at Rivendell. In the cold, super super cold Season Opener.
I miss those guys so bad. I can't wait for Olympics in Indy in April.

Oh yeah, btw, Dag is awesome and I've missed it so much.

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