Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So hanging out in the hipster cafe/bar near my new place is quite interesting. Atmosphere, this place has. Got a guy with a sweet-looking acoustic here, gay guy straight-up dressed as a chick playing a tetris-like game on the NES, the only employee here appears to be asleep, and a number of people on computers (I'm one of them.) I love this place because it's full of books, cushy chairs, paintings, and pretty friendly people thus far (tetris-playing guy was super friendly.) It also helps it's a one-minute walk from home. Feels like hanging out at somebody's house, not a coffee bar. And a guy just pulled out his Mac. It's so hipster here! But I like it, strangely. My Boyfriend would hate it. Has said as much. I've got hipster friends though so I don't care so much.
It's so weird to not be living with anyone right now. Moved in over the weekend with Boyfriend, so night before last was my first on my own in the new place. I had a pretty hard time falling asleep. A bit of road noise, emptiness feeling, and thunder from the storm kept waking me up. Last night was a bit better. God I love the place though. Big and wonderful for a one bedroom! Boyfriend is right, it's too bad we only have it for six months. Ah but I can't wait until June - I graduate, he moves in, "real life" begins. I feel like I've been on the verge of real life for ages. Since I've been working the entire time I've been in college, not really having the "college experience" you see in movies... I think very few people do. More and more people live with their parents and work, hardly spending time on campus. is the largest University in the country though so I guess a lot of trends are visible here, such as the bros, hipsters, etc. Anyways. I'm not sure how the next couple months will be. Last quarter at school. Moving up on the short ladder at my ice cream job (more responsibility with no pay increase yet.) Truly, honestly, living in my own place! I wonder how well my Boyfriend and I will live together. So much uncertainty, but so much hope. One of us will get The Real Job and we'll move to... wherever that might be. I'm not sure that I'd want to move up north from here. I really do love my city. AND I finally did find something that Boyfriend loves. This sub place you go to when drunk, to get more beer and ANYTHING on a sub. Like, Chicken fingers + mozzarella sticks + french fries + sauce. Freaking fabulous drunk food. I'm so happy he finally has something to tell his buddies about back home.
I think I'll end my ramble on that up note.

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