Friday, September 24, 2010

Naming Difficulties

Yeah, two posts in one day, don't get used to it. I figured I should explain why I chose the name that I chose for this blog. Well first it's damn hard to choose the name of something when you have no idea what you're writing. Second, it's that I have this view of myself as being "in the middle." No, not the Jimmy Eat World song. Being in transition, being part of the in-between times. Whenever you think of a certain generation or a certain decade there are fads and trends and the counter-culture as well. I've always felt I'm somewhere in between generations that are more defined. Being born in 1988, I figure it must be somewhat accurate, since it puts me on the cusp of one generation. Even in school, a simple thing as what grade I was in; a guy born a day before me was put a grade below me. It's not a feeling left out sort of thing anymore, but more of a create my own niche that I can be happy in. I'm not a Bro or Sorority type, but neither am I a hipster. (My city has a rather bad hipster infestation. My good friend is one. I love her to death, but she's a fucking hipster. Also. Check out if you don't get it.) I guess I could be part of the nerd/geek revival, but competing to see who has the biggest nerd-knowledge-cock gets old. Just not as quickly as listening to my Engineer friends chat about science-nonsense. (I am a History major with a Latin minor. Math is my Achilles heel. No really. I have dyslexia pretty much only with numbers at this point.) But, um, back to the point, while I somewhat remember what it was. It remember when the internet didn't matter. Now it's everywhere. I am part of the generation that has to learn what to do with all this new crap. We don't know the etiquette for the internet and social interaction. The Undiscovered Country.
And of course at this point in the night a lot of my pre-thought out stuff is lost to me out of exhaustion. I'll probably edit this sometime in the future, figure out what I was really trying to say.

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