Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sometimes I am a pushover

My Saturday started off just marvelously by waking up at usual weekday time, because I had an Eye Doc appointment. The Doc was nice, the grad student was nice, and my pupils didn't have to be dilated to the size of quarters or anything. But them came the "HERE, come buy a backup pair of glasses because you Need them!" and before I knew it I was handing over my card for 105 dollars of  new, completely unneeded glasses. Unneeded, because my prescription had not changed since I was there last.... two years ago. I swear I handed the card to her without even hearing the words she actually said. Only on the walk to the car did the sense of impending financial doom hit me. Nice pit-of-stomach feelings. I drove over to CVS, in need of laundry soap, and didn't even walk in, so shaken up was I by this. Instead I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck, already financially freaked, to find I managed to overdraw my account by $5 or so. Luckily I was putting in money so there was no overdraft fee, but I had some more serious fuel to the Panic-Fire. So this time when I got back to the car... "WAHHH MOMMY!" I cried to her on the phone for a bit, fully realizing panic-mode, and figured out what to do. I went back and canceled the idiotic glasses order, got comfort Chinese food from my favorite place, bought my laundry soap at Kroger, went to my best friend's house, and stress-ate my heart out. She even gave me chocolate. Much love. Then I shoved my laundry in her washer and tried to do homework but only succeeded in discovering that my Cities of the World Geography textbook is full of percentages and very little else. I nearly fell asleep also, but She yelled at me, since She is very tired of her house being the Place of Naps and Sleep. We all tell her it's because it's simply too comfortable, warm, and dimly-lit, but she still gets in a tizzy if someone is nearly falling asleep.
Then I went to work at my lovely (see: sarcasm) minimum-wage Ice Cream job from 4pm-midnight. It leads me to hate people very much some days; mostly I hate the middle and high school crowds, unannounced sudden sports teams groups, and small screaming children and their terrible parents. Yes, it's great that I can eat ice cream whenever I damn well please, however, my pants no longer fit because my ass has gotten too big. I forgot my shoes at home so I had to grab random smelly-athletes-foot-icecream-crusted shoes to put on. My feet inform me that my memory needs to improve when it comes to the shoe-related sector.
But now I am home, with clean sheets on the bed, roommate snoring gently from the next room, and two shots in my happy tummy for sleepy-time.

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