Friday, September 24, 2010

Obligatory Introductory Post

Starting a blog is intimidating. You know your first words need to be enticing, grab the reader and pull them in. And because of that I know I'm just going to fail terribly at this. I know I won't be interesting for quite a while. But whatever, this is mine now, so I can say whatever I like, and you can read it or not.
So. First off. Be prepared for rambling that strays from the original point and may never find it again.
I am 22, in my 5th year at college, living in my own place. Dear god do I love living in my own place. I do have a roommate, but we're basically on opposite work schedules so we really don't see each other, so I can walk around naked almost whenever I want. My mom says I'm a secret nudist. I don't think it's really a secret to my friends at this point, but I'm really only a nudist in the summer. The Midwest is far too cold for casual nudity in the Winter and Fall. Spring is okay-ish.
My parents are divorced, have been since 2007, right after my freshman year in college. Whether this was good timing or bad timing, I'm still undecided. Mostly because my life went a little insane right at the same time. My parents are pretty good parents, all things considered. Since I'm an only child I did get a spoiled, but I didn't take it overboard and become a huge brat. I didn't go wild with the freedom they gave (i.e. no real curfew) because I cared too much about Marching Band in high school. Plus I was a huge wuss and totally afraid of most adults. My Dad kind of freaked out about the divorce though, and it terribly bitter about the whole thing and especially bitter in regards to my Mom. Who I happen to look nearly identical to from her college days, which is when they met. This has led to some unfortunate incidents with my Dad, which is one reason that Dear God I Love My Place. My Mom on the other side, was my best friend, until she semi-abandoned me by moving to Arizona. It was traumatic at the time and some of my friends' mothers still resent my mom for it, but my mom has since moved much closer (only one state away now.) She's taking care of her dad, who is 92 and still kickin' it pretty good. He's a great snarky old guy with hilarious stories. You know how old folks can get.
An important point I should make is that I have a bizarre mixed-bag of luck with cars. I'll tell you the full stories later, but I'm on my fourth car. Which isn't even really mine, it's my mom's car. I got my first car when I was 16 or so. I swear. I have an anti-technology field that surrounds me. You want technology to break in new and different ways? Send it over to me!
One more thing I'm sure to write some tales about. My Dad's girlfriend is crazy. Yes, this is an overused and misunderstood word. But she seriously needs some psychological help. Wait until I tell you how she freaked out over a salt shaker once. 

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