Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't mind me, just a little romantic mood...

All these people getting married around me and all I really want is to be able to hug him.
We've been doing long-distance for 2 years and 3 months so far. We've been to five weddings together and hypothetically have five more to go next year. You can imagine there is a lot of subliminal peer-pressure going on here. Statistics are saying fewer people are getting married; I disagree, I say the marriage age is dropping. People are getting married far younger. Why, that wedding we went to in September? They were both younger than us. And my boyfriend is 26 now.
Today I just really miss him. I finally got this nice double bed right at the end of the summer... when school started up and we had less time, longer times between seeing each other. It was a chilly morning and that just made me wish he was here even more. I wish I could just slip back in bed with him and ignore the world for a few hours. Wake up slow, like we did this summer. Put on some coffee, wander the internet, and laugh at his latest crazy hair morning. But weekends go by so quickly now, especially when I have to work one of the days.
But big changes are coming. I'll be graduating this Spring, just before June. It's going to be the moment of truth. Realizing that I'll be moving again this summer makes me even less likely to put things up in my room... But it's going to be the time were we decide what the hell we're doing. Who is moving out of state? Where are we going to live? Who is going to get the job that determines that? ....will one of us find something in time? My Roommate basically said he wants me out by August so he can "start my transition to married life." Yeah, he's getting married too, great isn't it? Granted he's getting married to my Bestest Friend and we've known they would for years, it's that the timing fits in just the wrong way with everyone else. The "out by August" was a tiny smack in the face making me realize I gotta get my act together. So you're graduating. Now what? History with Latin? What'cha gonna do with that? Well fuck if I know.
I just wish it were simple, sometimes. That I found a guy who lived here. So much less strife. But it wouldn't be Him, it wouldn't be My Guy that I have now. And I love him. So I'm willing to go to hell and back for him. And I'm a stubborn idiot about things and I'm not giving up so easily dammit.

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