Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why working at an ice cream store is not as fun as it might sound.

This might be more of a rant than a story. I have a crap little minimum wage job at this particular ice cream place. I don't want to mention the name in case there is the possibility of getting in trouble with the Big Bosses. The ice cream itself is delicious and I've loved it for years, but working there isn't so much about the "eat ice cream for free on the job" and more about "corporate says we need to do this." Recently we have promoted a couple movies. Forced to hand out little activity booklets, put a poster up in the store, etc. The first one made sense, because there were little cat and dog picks to put on kids' ice cream. Okay, fun, yay! But the second movie was about owls. No owl-themed things for the ice cream, just extra b.s. they make us hand out and point out. When did we start caring about things not-ice cream or candy related? It just makes no sense and every time I just want to go "New job!"
However that's not as bad as my coworkers and boss. My manager still, after many months, has not gotten the hang of scheduling. When classes started this fall, he scheduled me 1pm-7pm, when I had given him my class schedule which said I wasn't even out until 3:18pm. But I didn't get as much of a raw deal as my coworker did. He scheduled her the exact opposite of the days she requested off for highschool sports. Bravo, dude, bravo. Plus my boss is just generally a huge spaz as a person, so giving him high levels of pressure and responsibility is just not a good idea to me. He really only got the job because he'd been there for seven years or something. He needs to get out of the place... almost all the workers at the store are 16-18 year-old high-schoolers. I got asked to help at a different store once. I answer the phone: "Hello?"
"Hi, I want to leave a message for (name)?"
"Um this is she speaking."
"Oh, sorry, I thought you were a high-schooler and I would be talking to your parents."
Mentally I'm just screaming "NEW JOB! I'm 22! Need new job!" but I ended up working over there. Never again will I help close somebody else's store. The people were bizarre and the store was just totally backwards from mine and all the people were the rich type that live in that area who buy expensive things but won't tip you for shit.
Plus my pants don't fit so well any more after a whole summer of working there. I have developed a booty and still don't know what to do with it. I keep knocking things off of shelves and tables with my ass because I'm not aware of how big it is. This wouldn't be such a bad thing if I wasn't kinda too poor to buy new pants. Goodwill time I guess?
I am tired of smelling bad from this stupid job... mop water and old ice cream and bleach and whatever else... But I'm sure I'd hate working at the grocery store across from my house more.

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