Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yay Dinner

Last week we had a nice impromptu dinner gathering. My friend Woz walked back to my apartment with me, where we found my Bestest friend still there playing video games on the giant-ass TV. I was contemplating dinner as Bestest and Woz chatted about games which sounds like a foreign language to me. I realized I had an overabundance of eggs from various "I'm making this thing! Oh it needs eggs, I don't have eggs, I'll just grab some eggs here..." which happened for three different things recently and resulted in three different cartons of 6 or less eggs chillin out in the fridge. What the hell to you do with that many eggs when you don't want an omelet? Make quiche, that's what. Having never made a quiche I decided it would just be the newest step in my culinary adventure and I embraced it wholeheartedly. (Granted I haven't made much of anything, so pretty much anything is a culinary adventure, but I like it that way.) Woz and I went to the store while Roomate was on his way home from his real-person job. I got an onion, mushrooms, and swiss cheese. And threw in the rest of the leftover broccoli for some color. Oh and hooray for pre-made pie crust. It doesn't sound like my idea of fun to mess with the lard or shortening necessary for good homemade pie crust. Eugh. I'm such a wimp. Whatever. Quiche takes a while to make, by the way. We were all pretty ravenous by the time it was done... also note that in typical me-fashion I also managed to have too much filling (resulting from too many eggs in the first place goddammit) so I made two quiches. It's just TOO HARD to cook in small portions! It's just impossible to cook for just one person some days. Augh. I eat like crap mostly because of that. Anyways Woz had bought a cake at the store (it was cheap and looked good at the time) so roommate, bestest friend, Woz and I had quiche and cake for dinner. With Virgil's root beer, also provided by Woz. 
I was practicing my cake-writing skills. They have not improved. 

The quiche might look like nothing special in this picture and more like vomit-pie, but I am assured it was quite good. Well until a few days ago when my Roomie and Bestest informed me that the quiche gave them stomachaches. Woz and I escaped this somehow. I don't quite understand. I think they are stomach-wusses, because Roomie takes meds for serious-business heartburn and Bestest gets tummy aches from fake pancake syrup. That, or Woz and I have the Iron Stomach feat, and get +2 to poison resistance. 
Oh, I pull Dungeons and Dragons references to real-life situations all the time, by the way, so if you're not interested in that sort of thing, you should probably not read this here bloggy thing. 

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