Sunday, October 17, 2010

Well, there's this thing called Dagorhir...

I wonder how long I will ignore the pain in my knee before I actually bother to call and go to physical therapy...
The pain started about last year in the winter and has really just gotten worse. It's because I play Dagorhir which is a Medieval-style foam sword fighting and combat game. It's like a sport for dorky people and I love it to pieces. (I did meet my boyfriend through it, after all.) Dag (for short) was originally inspired by Lord of the Rings, but it's become its own beast these days, with Romans, Narnians, and Orcs all in the same game. There's also groups all over the country and even in Puerto Rico. (I'm friends with one of them on facebook, and he's always posting about Dag in Spanish which is cool but always throws me off a little bit.) There are other groups that have branched off from Dag as well, like Belegarth (rules-lawyering led to a big fight between the founders and there was a split between the groups over a few choice rules, but plenty of people participate in both.) or Amtguard or... I could go on for a while, there's a lot of groups these days.
But anyways. As a result of trying not to be a wussy girl, I've pretty much always used a sword and shield combo. This means I get my leg "chopped off" on a regular basis and have to take a knee, which is a large amount of repeated impact. This has led to... well, I'm not sure precisely what is wrong but my Doctor originally said it was arthritis. That's right, arthritis at 22! Awesome! I went back to her again recently because the pain has become more frequent and worse, so she wrote me this prescription for physical therapy... but I be poor, and having of very little time, so I have no idea when I'll get around to it.
Man. This post doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what Dagorhir is or what it means to me. I guess I'll have to talk more about it later, when I'm not trying to study my face off and write a 7 page paper by Tuesday.

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